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HTC Touch Pro from Sprint Delayed

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

It appears that the release date for the HTC Touch Pro from Sprint has been pushed back from October 19th to November 2nd.  My employer is associated with Sprint’s Employee Value Program (EVP), which started taking pre-orders on the phone last week.  I placed an order with them right away and just received an email informing me of the availability date change.  Since the EVP program is essentially a mechanism for the company to reward their largest business customers, it is pretty unlikely that the phone would be available from the consumer mail-order or the Sprint stores earlier.

I did a little searching online and found this very long thread on the PPCGeeks discussion boards in which quite a few other people confirm from a variety of sources that November 2nd is now the expected release date.  There is some discussion that Best Buy stores might get an exclusive on the phone one week earlier, although there is also a fair amount of speculation that the stores may have simply not yet gotten around to changing the release date.

Hopefully the date won’t slip any further and I will have my new phone some time during the first week of next month.  I’ve already ordered several accessories (8GB micro-SD card, cradle, extra charger and sync cable, and a car kit) so I hopefully will be well prepared once it arrives.

Never heard of Slate Tablet PCs?

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

I came across an odd post by Jason D. O’Grady entitled Would you buy an all-screen notebook computer? on the in the "Apple Core" blog at ZDNet.  This really short post centered on the proposed concept for the second-generation OLPC, which is expected to have a lower screen that can be used as a virtual keyboard (with haptic feedback) instead of a physical keyboard.  O’Grady then went on to provide a poll asking if readers would be willing to buy an all-screen notebook.

The strange thing about this post was that there was absolutely no mention of slate Tablet PCs and UMPCs.  O’Grady was instead treating the idea of an all-screen notebook as if it were a completely original and radical idea as opposed to simply a new example of something that has existed for several years.  The poll question only had "yes" or "no" options and didn’t even have the obvious "I already have one" as a choice.

This was posted on an Apple-centered blog, which is almost certainly the key explanation for this.  Slate notebooks to date have mainly been Windows-based (although there are a few Linux models out there too) and Apple focused bloggers have a definite tendency to pretend that the Windows world essentially doesn’t exist, particularly when it comes to innovative features that haven’t shown up in Apple products.  I’m even a tad surprised that the OLPC caught this author’s attention considering that it isn’t an Apple product.

The no-keypad design of the iPhone and iPod Touch has also generated a fair amount of posts and articles from Apple bloggers and journalists that seem to suggest that the concept was completely new or that only cite the Apple Newton as a precedent.  Of course, there have been numerous slate PDAs and phones in the Palm OS and Windows Mobile world for years, but I guess they don’t really count since they aren’t Apple products.

I really don’t have anything against Apple (I actually recently got my wife a MacBook), but the extremely myopic viewpoint of some Apple enthusiasts has always been an irritation to me.