Tech Blog – Take 3!

Yes, I’m re-inventing this blog once again.  I originally started this as a blog for discussing Ultra-Mobile PCs back when I bought one of the first ones off the line.  I later decided to broaden the coverage to all mobile technology as I kind of started to run out of things to say about UMPCs.

I’m now transitioning this into a completely generalized technology blog.  The main reason for this is that I kind of hit a wall as far as what to talk about even within the broader realm of mobile tech.  While I use my UMPC and cell phone pretty much every day, I’m not a gadget collector and have realized that my attention to that market in general tends to wane when I’m not in the process of shopping for an upgrade.

There have been a whole bunch of more general issues regarding computers and technology that I wanted to cover, but didn’t really fit in the narrow mobile technology category.  I also have been hesitant to talk too much about technology on my personal blog.  That blog has a pretty small readership (mostly family and friends) and I know that most of them would get pretty bored if I got too much into technology issues.

I am a software engineer working in the web division of a major media company, so I certainly am surrounded by computers and technology pretty much every day.  I have a pretty nice selection of gadgets at home and also tend to be something of a do-it-yourself tinkerer (my desktop PC is home-built).  With the subject broadened in this way, I don’t think I’ll be too short on subjects to talk about.

My plan is to treat this as more of a traditional weblog than I have in the past.  I hope to put up much more frequent posts, but most will be very short.  I read a lot of technical sites, blogs, and even magazines and expect to often use this blog to highlight interesting items that I come across.  I also want to put up occasional short tips and observations from my everyday experiences.  I’m sure I will also put up the occasional lengthy review or essay when I have something to talk about, but those do take a lot of time to write (as well as a topic of inspiration), which is why my updates have always been very infrequent when those articles were my focus.

I am changing the primary URL for this site to to better reflect the new subject, although I am going to retain the old as a mirror in order to retain those that may already have the site in their feeds or bookmarks.

Hopefully this version of the blog will work out better for me and at least a few people will find it to be interesting!

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