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Visitors to this blog may have noticed that it has been very slow loading recently.  At best, it seems to take about 15-20 seconds for a page to load and during really busy times for my hosting company, the delay can be quite a bit longer (even a minute or more).

My sites are all hosted by iPowerWeb and after a bunch of back and forth exchanges with their support department, they have confirmed that it is a capacity issue with their MySQL database servers.  The WordPress blogging software that run my blogs uses MySQL, thus resulting in the slowness.

While iPowerWeb support keeps telling me that they are working on adding additional MySQL servers to take up some of the load, they also are refusing to give me even a rough estimate for how soon this will actually happen.  As a result, I’m researching other hosting companies and, hopefully, I’ll get this site migrated in the next few days.  With any luck, that means that the site should start loading at normal speeds again soon.

For anyone reading this, thanks for looking in on the site, even if it does require a bit of a wait!

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  1. joe Brummer says:

    I found your site because I was looking for other blogs on ipower. I am having the same issues as you, but your site seems to be flying in speed compared to my blog. Have you found a new host? Do you have any thoughts on transfering your database to a new blog?

  2. jgraebner says:

    I did change hosting companies to Dreamhost. I just put up a follow-up post on the switch.

    The process of transferring really wasn’t too difficult and only took a few hours. I went to the iPowerWeb admin interface and downloaded the latest backups of the WordPress databases. I then used FTP to transfer all the files from my iPowerWeb account over to the newly created account on Dreamhost.

    For testing, Dreamhost does let you set up mirror domains on their “” domain, which let me confirm that everything was working before I changed the DNS records for my domain. It did take about 12-hours or so for the domain request to be fulfilled. I’m currently in the process of having the domain registration moved over to Dreamhost as well, but that hasn’t been a different process at all so far.

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